It takes a long time to sink in, and I found as I’ve gotten older, people who provide a defence often warn you about what they are going to do.  If they are making a statement to you defending their honour, it usually means that they are going to break it.  Shakespeare gave us the […]

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We have a situation where a piece of concrete has broken away from a building and fallen to the ground below.  Luckily, it missed everyone and no-one was hurt.  What would happen if somebody was hit? In the case of Seiwa, the Supreme Court stated that Section 62 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 […]

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We as trainers often focus on the large frauds, thefts, trust account defalcations and theft as a clerk.  We focus often on the large cases where licensees in charge or employees steal money from their employer.  It is just as dangerous to your business if it is a small amount. Life is more complicated than […]

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 I would like to commend you on the presentation that you conducted today for the CPD training.The information was at once interesting ,informative and relevant and the delivery entertaining. This is at odds with other CPD training programmes I have attended.I look forward to the next time your presentation is held in Newcastle.Best wishes

Andrew Walker

Director, Street Property Group


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