About Leverage Group

Property Industry Experts and Small Business Lawyers


Over the last two decades:

Leverage Solicitors have provided advice to thousands, advocated for hundreds including a class action against Parkview Estate (https://www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/decision/59bf577fe4b074a7c6e18b50) and set precedents such as in Johnson v William Inglis & Sons (http://classic.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/nsw/NSWCTTT/2010/331.html), supporting, guiding and fighting for our clients every step of the way.

Leverage Academy has trained thousands of Real Estate professionals across all areas of the Real Estate Industry, mentoring individuals through their careers, developing new businesses and transforming existing ones.

In recent years, with development of the different arms of our company, Leverage has re-branded itself as The Leverage Group. We are a company transformed, focused on providing excellent experience of real estate education, the highest standard of legal advice and advocacy in small business and real estate and a transformative corporate advisory service.

Leverage Group does all this and more while staying true to our core values.


Over 23 years experience in Property, Real Estate and Finance

Bailey Compton, our Managing Director, holds a Practicing Certificate as a Legal Practitioner in New South Wales. He holds licenses in real estate, business broking and strata management. Bailey spent 15 years working for Fair Trading departments throughout Australia. Bailey’s experience involves all aspects of real estate, law, business and finance.

The 30 years of experience that Bailey brings to the table involves the making of laws, granting of licences, investigation, and prosecution, defending people, structuring businesses and training those businesses to success. These 7 components give Leverage Group a 360 degree of understanding of small business, property, law and finance.

A person’s goals and needs are often not straight forward nor easily segmented. Our goal at Leverage is to provide a service where you can have all that you need at your fingertips, a legal, educational and business experience that perfectly suits your goals and needs.

Give us a call on 1300 438 538 or email us at info@leveragegroup.com.au and tell us how we can help you achieve your desired outcome.