There’s always a silver lining

By Bailey Compton 17 Nov 2023


Someone will always see a light in the darkness

For decades, we have heard about the crisis surrounding housing prices. How many people have you heard saying “How does a young couple buy a property at that price?”. I wonder if the question should be “How can a young couple buy a property at that price and contemplate a family?”

In discussion with the doctor, they raised the issue of the impact on other areas of life due to the housing crisis. The doctor noted to me that young couples cannot have families. In some cases, young couples are putting aside falling pregnant to ensure they can get loans for their house. Although this seems completely logical, anyone who has had a family knows that banks treat children as dependants. Quite frankly, the banks treat families and children as risky items worth punishing for by higher interest rates and refusals. No wonder having children is always getting put aside in preference of buying property.

It is indicated that, however, there is a silver lining: Big Pharma is the beneficiary of this housing crisis. Of course, if you are having couples wish to avoid financial penalty for children, they use more contraception. In other words, the doctor is indicating that the housing crisis is inflating demand of contraception.

I wonder if this is true: what is true to say however is that in an economy where people are suffering, somebody has always seen potential opportunity!