George Orwell in Animal Farm talked about how power changes people.  One of the side affects of COVID has been the growth of state power and the depreciation of people power.  At times, we wonder if we are under military rule.

In that state of the north eastern corner of Australia, Queensland, where it is beautiful one day and shut down the next, Tsarina Anastacia has taken control of the state. She is not willing to open the borders because us Mexicans may spread COVID throughout the sunshine State.

Tsarina Anastacia and her chief medical officer, Dr Young, have determined that the State should be kept apart.  That social distancing should also be aligned to State distancing.

At the peak of COVID, when social distancing was definitely required, Tsarina Anastacia felt that it didn’t apply to Queenslanders.  Three by-elections were held in the State because politically it suited her party to conduct those by-elections.

We should all keep apart except when the Government wants us to be together.  I wonder when the mainstream press is going to show the announcements of Tsarina Anastacia at the same time of showing the lines at election booths in April.

Politics is sometimes convenient, but power always corrupts!