It feels like we live in an environment whereby we are separated by distance only to be joined by audio visual link. Zoom has been around for some time, but Zoom connection now is a reality. COVID-19 has definitely assisted IT companies.

Notwithstanding the many issues that we face regarding remoteness, it has demonstrated that we can be effective in our own homes. Telecommuting does provide the ability for businesses to manage their bricks and mortar more effectively and provides a better life balance for our workers.

Usually in business, our second highest cost is bricks and mortar. Usually higher price city leases or the cost of high price commercial buildings. COVID-19 has shown us that we do not need to look to high price or extended leases. Small offices where people can meet, while most of the work iS done from home, is now a thing of the future. As an architect said to me the other day, “the new development is changing commercial buildings into residential”.

It also provides a better life balance for people living at home. Instead of sitting on a train for an hour and a quarter, you can be making breakfast for your kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against camaraderie of the office, but a balance between where we have been and where we will be is the test for all of us. If we can do it, it will be a better world.

Last week as part of our elective CPD offering, we conducted a webinar of building businesses in a remote society. We took the opportunity and interview James Kirkland from Upside Realty. Upside have 50 people working remotely and therefore it was interesting to talk to the national Licensee in Charge.

We were satisfied they have conquered the legal issues of workplace safety and proper supervision. James indicated that there were a few important pillars that were needed to successfully conduct a remote society;

  1. Ensure that you have small groups who can meet regularly;
  2. Ensure that your whole team meets at least on a monthly basis;
  3. Meetings must be routine and start on time;
  4. Buddy people up to ensure that their skills are complimentary;
  5. Establish performance criteria because, time becomes unimportant in a remote society, performance becomes critical; and
  6. Establish good policies and procedures so that you can ensure duplication.

This hour-long elective discussed these issues and other issues in much more detail. Craig and I had found it deeply interesting in how you can run, conduct an organisation effectively nationally through modern day technology.

Like all of you, Leverage has been dealing with the issue of remoteness. Opportunity has been our catch cry, but there is much that will stay after COVID-19 is gone. It allows us to provide services to all parts of the country not just be focused on Sydney because of bricks and mortar. It permits us the opportunity to reach out and provide to all community’s assistance. From a legal prospective, we have found that Conveyancing is done properly through electronic means is better than the old regime.

It has always been my belief that, we can whinge about anything you want. However, it is those who can see the opportunity amongst the crisis that will always survive.

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