How to charge my electric car

By Bailey Compton 17 Nov 2023

We’ve gone electric. Now what?

Five years ago, the concept of a community embracing electric cars was almost a dream. Nowadays, concepts of electric cars are reality and people will be looking for places to charge their electric vehicles.
If an Owners Corporation is considering the installation of EV chargers, it comes with a considerable amount of preparation. You should contact your energy provider in the first instance to work out the things that are needed to be done to your building to accommodate electric vehicles.

They need to consider by-laws in relation to two areas:

1. The use of power currently provided to charge the vehicles. There are power points in the common property which a person would just plug their car into. You may need a by-law in place to either co-ordinate or to prohibit the use of common property electricity for the purpose of charging electric vehicles.

2. You may need to consider by-laws if you are installing EV chargers. Installation is an alteration to the common property and therefore requires a change of common property by-laws under section 108 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (SSMA).

The environment has special privileges under the SSMA. As we know, a common property rights by-law, a by-law to alter the common property, requires a special resolution of the owners corporation. Section 5 of the SSMA, notes that a special resolution for a by-law which is a sustainability infrastructure resolution only requires 50%. Hence, if it is a sustainability by-law, an ordinary resolution would suffice.
What is a sustainability by-law? In simple terms, anything that affects the environment, preservation of energy use or use of utilities. Issues such as solar power, energy efficiency, and water consumption, are sustainability by-laws.
EV and solar are now part of strata. Get good advice before proceeding.