We have just done the easy stuff! As the Prime Minister and the National Cabinet is finding, shutting down the country was simple. Allowing the country to creep out of their burrows and out into the sun is a much more complex issue. When it is just a disaster you are faced with, the decisions are easy. When you need to have a number of balances in place, the decisions are complex.

When COVID 19 or as it was called at that time, the Corona Virus began, our decisions were simple. Protect the vulnerable, work from home, stop face to face conferences, tele-commute and do what you can to keep business rolling. It was frightening, but the strategies where clearly laid out.

Although COVID 19 has not reached its finish, and its likely to be with us for many months, we are coming out the other side. Difficulty for business is that, the economy has been put in a coma and needs severe rehabilitation. We can find people who want to buy and sell properties, who want to buy and sell cars etc, but do they have the jobs or the income to do it. At least those who have kept their jobs can generally expect that they will keep them. That at least, has given us the base line.

As the rabbits have come out their burrows, the COVID excuse has already been waived. People have their old expectations in terms of workload, they wish to talk to their service provider as they did before and will not put up with any excuse that “we are working from home and somebody will get back to you”. The marketplace is now saying “no” to the COVID excuse.

We are now conducting business that has been severely curtailed by an economy which is yet to start rehabilitation. Business owners, we need consider how we provide the best service and the most innovative products in this emerging market. Not only do we have to maintain what we had, but also must now consider how to create new and influential products for the growth of our business.

This part of our Leverage Review will seek and look for innovative ideas that are being created by ourselves or by other people. There are so many organisations which have mutated whilst COVID 19 has been around, and those organisations should be viewed as role models. We will seek out and attempt to introduce the concepts of the future.