The owner’s corporation is responsible for the management of all matters relevant to the strata scheme. It has a right at every annual general meeting to make decisions to leadership of the strata scheme.

The assessments that an owner’s corporation need to make in relation to leadership at each AGM is as follows:

  • A determination on the numbers sitting on the strata committee. The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 provides that the strata committee must comprise between 1 and 9 members. Leverage has always been of the belief that anything above 5 members of a strata committee becomes cumbersome and only leads to arguments.
  • Although the AGM adopts a budget, which defines spending for the year, the general meeting also has the power to limit the spending of the strata committee. The general meeting can determine how much the committee can spend, without needing to call another general meeting. This essentially permits the owner’s corporation to say to their strata committee, “Anything above this figure, we want to review ourselves”.
  • The owner’s corporation at the strata committee meeting can also determine the functions of the strata committee. A strata committee under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 is essentially given all the powers of the owner’s corporation except what needs to be determined at the general meeting. The AGM is a perfect opportunity for the owner’s corporation to make a decision on what they want the strata committee to do and what they want referred to themselves to consider.

The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 gives an opportunity to the owner’s corporation to find leadership. It allows you to pick who leads, what decisions they can make and what decisions they should refer to the lot owners for consideration. In any corporation, the leader should be given the ability to manage the owner’s corporation with three hands where necessary. The shareholders and the lot owners should always reserve the right to say that this is something we want to decide, not for you limited few to provide.

Through the owner’s corporation, these decisions would be different. AGM’s give a perfect opportunity to define who and what leadership should be. Great organisations have always been determined by their leadership, not by giving somebody unfettered control. Take the opportunity to use your AGM well. Many people fail to turn up to AGM’s because they are usually time consuming. Don’t make them a waste of time! Make them a place where your direction can be defined.

It’s your asset, only you can care.