Thank God for Easter! The year has started with a boom and Easter has come just in time to give us a rest. We all have four days to replenish and recharge our batteries so that we can kick on in the next part. It is almost like a rest before we wrestle the cold of winter.

It is also timely that the Australian cricketers in South Africa committed their act at Easter. Cameron Bancroft used sandpaper as a means of altering the ball so that it would act in a better way for the bowler.

I am certain that, if the Roman Empire was still in vogue, Cam Bancroft, Steven Smith and David Warner would be flung up on the crosses and crucified for their actions. Cam Bancroft has now been banned for nine months from the Australian team and Smith and Warner for twelve months. If this was all, it appears to be a fair punishment for breaking one of the fundamental rules of the game. Nevertheless, the way the Australian public has reacted will ensure that these men are terrorised for life.

You would forgive Steve Smith for thinking that he is now walking towards Good Friday. James Sutherland (as Pontius Pilot) is taking Steven Smith out on the balcony where the Australian public votes for his crucifixion. The question is, will they let these men resurrect their careers? More importantly, will their families and themselves be given an opportunity to resurrect their lives?

In the bible, they talk about Christ dying on the cross for our sins and the resurrection is used as a symbol that we can all be resurrected if we find the means of dealing with our sins.

Christ once said, when he found a crowd of men about to stone a soiled woman, “he who has not sinned should cast the first stone.”

Undoubtedly, Cameron Bancroft has committed a sin. It appears that Mr Warner has encouraged Mr Bancroft and Steve Smith has been punished for his lack of leadership. They have been publicly stoned. I wonder if the public, who have made these statements, have never sinned? We are all human, so I doubt that those who have written, spoken and castigated these young men, are without sin.

We have demonstrated our ability to crucify! The question on this Easter weekend is, do we have the ability to allow a resurrection when they have dealt with their sins?

We wish you all a Happy Easter! We hope that it replenishes and cleanses your life. For those who are driving, be safe on the roads.

This article was written by Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor & Director at Leverage Group.

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