Who killed the Joke Writer?

I rang my brother the other day looking for some new material.  I hadn’t heard a funny joke in years, and anything I’d heard, was just old material.  

He said “didn’t you hear? The joke writer is dead”.

I was devastated!  The joke writer dead? Then he said, “and it’s been that way for ages”.  “That explains it”, I said.  “Everyone’s reciting the same old material, because the joke writer’s dead”!

I was depressed when I got off the phone because the joke writer was so important to us.  The joke writer was the person who allowed us to laugh at ourselves, identified the stupid, silly things we did and often spoke more truth then political correctness.  The death of the joke writer meant the passing of true reflection.

The greatest joke is one that has a little bit of truth to it.  Yes, it might have been derogatory and perhaps sometimes “a little bit in bad taste”, but it made us laugh because it was true.  The best jokes were often told by those who were the butt of their own joke.  They were not offended, because there was some truth to it.  The best disability jokes that I ever heard came from those who were disabled.  The best racist jokes were often told by those against their own race !

The death of a joke writer has created the new “reign of the politically correct”.  The concept of honest discussion has disappeared and been replaced by platitudes aimed at making everyone happy.  Self-reflection has been replaced by a surly frowning scrooge, who thinks people can be made happy by ignoring the truth.

The paradox of political correctness is that it murders laughter.  The joker writer gave us laugher, tears and confronted us at times.  I know I’ll miss him, and I suspect everyone else will too. 


The problem with political correctness is that it kills fun!

This article was written by Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor & Director at Leverage Group.

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