Assistant agents do have to do CPD as such, but they have a bigger requirement than just CPD.

They need to start The Next Step- Certificate IV.

AA holders think that they don’t have to do any CPD but must complete their Cert IV within four years. I’ll take a Gap year or two off study, and I’ll be fine in getting the course done. I have plenty of time- I’ve got four years!


Assistant agents, as a minimum, must complete 3 of the modules involved in Certificate IV each year. So taking a gap a few years makes the Assistant agent non-compliant.

So- what is the minimum time frame that an Assistant agent can take to progress for a Class 2 qualification?

     One year- 12 months relevant experience evidence with a logbook PLUS Completion of Certificate IV 

What is the Maximum time?

  Four years – doing the required minimum EACH year of the Certificate IV course PLUS the required 12 months relevant experience.

So as you can see, Assistant agents do not get a Free pass from CPD. The OFT is encouraging all agents to continue to upgrade their education and experience continually. 

This will be a Win-Win scenario for both the industry and the agent.

Happy Learning!!