This, of course, is only general advice, and you should talk to your qualified and registered financial adviser.

Study costs can be expensive, and we are often asked if the student can claim any of these costs back on their tax return. The answer is: It depends!

You can claim self-education and study expenses you incur when the course you take leads to a formal qualification and meets the following conditions.
The course must have a sufficient connection to your current employment activities as an employee and either:
maintains or improves the specific skills or knowledge you require in your everyday employment activities
results in or are likely to result in an increase in your income from your current employment activities.

How much can I claim?
You generally can’t claim the first $250 of expenses for your self-education. But again, this may be offset depending on your circumstances.

What can be claimed?
Tuition fees, books, stationery, depreciation on computers, printers etc. The best idea is to keep receipts for everything, including cable, earphones, paper, etc. The more receipts you have to prove your claim, the better.

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