Students these days have so much technology available to them that some of the older students ( those over 45 !) are having trouble keeping up. 

Some are unaware of the variety of software apps that business people now use every day, and to keep up, they must become familiar with them all. They haven’t had to change anything in many years, now all of a sudden, there is a need to learn a variety of new software and work from home with no one within easy reach to ask.

Dropbox, Zoom or similar, Word, Excel, and any other Microsoft applications, Adobe, Remote Access software ( Like Splash or equivalent), let alone email, or Teams or industry specific software that the business uses. This list is what I use every day as well as our Legal software, MYOB, and our student software. 

This “technology absorption” factor must be maintained if you are to remain on top of the game.

Some of the students I have seen in the past several months are battling with the new work they are studying and battling to familiarise themselves with the software they are dealing with. They are fighting on two fronts. While this is certainly achievable, it’s a hard road, and some give up or get frustrated with it all.

The obstacles to technology usage are

  • Unhelpful grown children, where this is no patience or willingness to help. But grandchildren have more patience and are willing to trade help- eg help setting up your notebook for swimming lessons!
  • People are sometimes reluctant to ask for help as they don’t want to appear incompetent.
  • They don’t want to ask for help as they think it will avoid conflict as they are “ too slow.”

If you are having trouble with the software, I suggest that you do some research first. Try googling the app and joining some community boards, just until you’re familiar with using that technology. Don’t forget that you are not the only one that may have trouble using some of this software, so asking your Contemporaries may be the way to feel confident enough to ask the questions! Don’t forget there is always the Grandkids!

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