Tempus Fugit!
This is the first Latin phrase I was taught; time flees!
If you are a student trying to juggle kids, full-time work, and other commitments, adding study into the mix is challenging. Time just flies!
But with a bit of time management- and focus- you can achieve it all.
Coralie’s Top Tips to Students’:
1) Create a Schedule and Stick to it!
2) Block out distractions and stop Procrastinating
3) Set up a dedicated Workspace for Study
4) Avoid Multitasking- Focus just on what you are supposed to.
5) What is your study method? Hard copy and handwritten notes or soft copy and computer notations? Work out what you are comfortable with. Not everyone’s study habits are the same.
6) Keep your eye on the prize. It is easy to ask yourself, Why am I doing this? The prize is the qualification that will take you down your career path faster. It will be worth it in the end.
7) Get enough sleep. It’s one thing to work late to get the study done, but you need time to allow your subconscious to soak all the knowledge up, and sleep is vital in retaining knowledge and understanding.
8) Ask for help when you need it. I have seen far too many students struggle for hours over a question instead of sending an email for assistance. It is better to ask for help than struggle, and there is no such thing as a stupid question!
Leverage Academy cares about its students, and we want to ensure that we provide the best guidance and assistance we can.
Happy Learning!