Sounds like a simple question – How do I pick the right place to study? Or do you go with the flow and hope for the best?

I have studied many courses in my time- and some places were fantastic, and I enjoyed studying with them. It was a very positive experience.

Others I wouldn’t waste any brain cells even thinking about ever going back. 

So what makes a great course? 

  1. Right topics– if the topics do not interest you and are not going to get you any further forward, maybe you should rethink your choices. Talking to one of our career guides should put you on the right pathway.
  2. Right Location- We are not running any face-to-face courses in lockdown, so expect to use ZOOM for your study location. 
  3. Right People– if you can’t get a hold of anyone at the training organisation or are working overseas but pretending to be in Australia, are you sure you are using the right training place? Look for people you can talk to that are at least in the same country you are!
  4. Right Duration – Do you need a course that fits in with your schedule? Rather than a schedule that fits in with a course? Then look for a training organisation that is flexible and meets your needs.
  5. Right Price– This is one of the first questions students ask, yet it should be one of the last. The cost of a course should be weighed against the benefits, the people, the location, the flexibility of the course. There is an expression – You get what you paid for! And a few dollars can mean the difference between having a great time while learning and struggling to understand.

At Leverage Academy, we do our best to meet our student’s needs and goals. 

Happy Learning!