When a student submits their assessment, it is with high hopes of not getting anything returned.
As previously mentioned, as an RTO, we have the requirement that our students have attained a certain level of capability or competency.
I t is getting that email that you haven’t quite achieved competency that people stress over.
Any feedback from the assessors needs to be looked at with these things in mind.
• Read or Listen to what they are saying. Even ask questions about the feedback to confirm your understanding
• Ask for specifics if the feedback provided is not sufficient
• Always assume they have good intentions- Don’t jump to conclusions. We are on the Same Team!
• Take a Step back from your first reaction if it is anger or upset. Take a breath, stay calm, its going to be OK.
You can either take the feedback in a positive way so that you can improve both productivity and performance, improve motivation and allow yourself to grow OR you can take the criticism in a negative way that can lower your self-esteem, cause stress, worry, anger, and even aggression.
The Choice is yours, but I know which one I’m picking.
Leverage Academy- Supporting our students