It has become the new Normal to have meetings and interactions via Zoom or other web based meeting software. But there are a few Etiquette points that participants need to remember. Have you been guilty of any of these?

  • Environment- trying to have a meeting when there is a lot of background noise. While you may be able to filter it out, not everyone can ignore the barking dog in the back ground, especially if you are the Host and cant mute yourself.
  • Camera on- Many times our students keep their camera off and mute themselves and do not interact. As a trainer I find this difficult. Why attend a zoom meeting if you don’t have the camera on or interact at all? When is a good time to NOT have your camera on? Let me know what you think is a good time to not have that camera going.
  • Lighting – You may not be aware, but sometimes the brighter the background is- the darker you appear on screen in the meeting. Hint- If able to, close the curtains.
  • Wallpaper pics- These should be appropriate and professional. I wont relate the embarrassing stories, but Im sure you all understand the reason why! 
  • Names – again, these need to reflect your name and be appropriate. Other viewers use these to call upon people and to know who they are speaking with. There are options to change the names and the backgrounds.
  • Dress appropriately – while slippers or comfy boots are fine as others cant see them, there have been too many cases of people coming on line still dressed in their dressing gowns P.J.’s. or singlet. 
  • Internet stability- If you know that you are in an area that the internet becomes a little unstable at times- you may want to look at using a Hot spot via your phone to boost that signal. Or you can install a Booster so that the signal is stronger. 
  • While you are in the meeting, remember not to talk over someone and allow time for others to answer before you jump in. There could be a lag time.
  • If you are sending personal message to other participants in the Chat Box, be careful who that message is being sent to. Several times I have seen a VERY Private message being posted to Everyone in error. Be careful!
  • Last item to consider- Be On Time. You don’t have to travel far- only to your computer. I’m still amazed at people that arrive very very late, sometimes hours late and then ask  if they have missed much and if I could go over it all again. 

In all of the above points, it is putting yourself in someone elses shoes- or Screen – and applying courtesy , manners and thought when you interact.

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