Remember those words in Poltergiest 2. That cute little girl who was haunted by those horrid aggressive ghosts.

That’s what came to mind this week when restrictions were reimposed. That pesky virus is back, haunting us all.

I noticed that the announcements have a new language. We now talk about living in an LGA. My first thought was that it stood for “lower ground apartments.” I did finally work out it meant “local government areas.”

There were the standard ones: social distancing, sanitation, mask up.

There were a couple I thought were interesting: First, you must mask up inside, except when eating or drinking. Just keep some nuts with you, and you won’t ever have to mask up.

The people from the LGA can’t leave Sydney, but they can go to other parts of Sydney, and those people can leave Sydney and spread the virus.’

The best was the outlawing of vertical dancing. I notice Gladys didn’t outlaw horizontal dancing.