People are moving and traffic jams returned. Although not official, Australia is being put back to work after the COVID-19 hibernation.

On 8 May 2020, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced a pathway for getting Australia moving again. Unfortunately, this pathway must be endorsed by each of the State Governments. In New South Wales, we are yet to hear from dear Gladys.

Nonetheless, there will be some clear things we are required to do as a result of getting back to work.

  1. We can only work from an office where:
    You must comply with the one person per 4 square metres, for example, if you are in a 40 square metre office, you can have no more than 10 people, and
    b. Every person must be able to sit more then 1.5 metres apart.
  2. You need to establish a Covid 19 plan and policy regarding the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness. The policy should include:-
    a. Face to face meetings,
    b. Visitors, and
    c. individualisation of desks and the cleaning of workspaces.
  3. Cleaning needs to be undertaken to ensure that the place is continuously sanitised. Sanitiser and other type products should be available to be utilised by all team members when they return to work.
  4. The creation of an infectious diseases policy to deal with people when they are COVID-19 symptomatic.

This is a small and easy task to facilitate, but it is absolutely essential. Failure to have a COVID-19 plan or an infectious disease policy can leave a business liable if a workplace becomes infected with the Corona Virus.

Leverage Academy has produced a webinar regarding entitled Managing your workplace under 2020 reforms where these principles and policies are outlined.

Getting back to business is exciting, but it will only remain exciting if we can keep our team healthy.