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Creator of Critic

By Bailey Compton 25 Jan 2023

I usually write an Australia Day message. For fear of causing insult, I have departed from this tradition. If you are interested in hearing a possible solution to the Australia Day debate, go to Spotify and listen to my podcast “The Real Australia Day”

Social media has created a citizen journalist. Everyone can have an opinion, whether it is complimentary or nasty. The trolls have taken nasty to a whole new level.

There has always been the creators and the critics. Expectedly, social media has more critics than creators.

Those who write, create by painting or composing, or invent, are rarely heard. Ideas are criticised without analysis or frank and free debate. It is those who invent that create change and progress. Why, then, are the creators less important?

Social media has allowed the public to question and criticise everything. Does this criticism improve our society or culture? Does it make the world better? Probably not.

Whilst we need invention to fight climate change and social disintegration, we allow the critics to rule. It is easy to criticise; it is hard to create. So we understand. If we as a country wish to remain relevant, then invention is required.

The question is why invent when the critics reign!?