I was introduced to cryptocurrency about eleven years ago. Initially, I thought crypto was something out of superman and short for Kryptonite. I also thought it was a gimmick. I was wrong!

Cryptocurrency, digital currency or virtual currency are here to stay. Bitcoin has established its own economy and now it is being used across the world as a form of currency to trade in tangible items.

This year, a property in Mt Druitt was offered for sale, for an amount of dollars or for forty-five Bitcoin. See the attached link.


In light of this new evolution, Leverage is conducting free Cryptocurrency seminars and has also designed a Cryptocurrency course. This stuff is real, it’s here now and it’s part of the future – and real estate is a big part of the how and where Cryptocurrency will play-out.

In future articles, we will discuss how such a Crypto sale would occur.

This article was written by Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor & Director at Leverage Group.

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