We have 44 days until the end of hard copy certificates of title.
Since fair trading has announced the transition to digital-only, there has been quite a meltdown! Let’s try to put it in perspective. Form the 11th of October, a certificate of title will be strictly digital; it will not be produced in paper. This does not mean that every single paper certificate of title will disappear. Pre-existing certificates will still be legible! The only change that will occur is that when a settlement happens, a refinance is done, or if there is a change in the title, there will be a digital version of the certificate the title.

We are about 30 years behind in this regard compared to other states, such as Queensland. This change does not have any negative security implications and will not lead to fraud. We have many protections that shield us from fraud, including extensive identification processes.

This advancement will allow us to hold this precious document in a digital wallet, so we never have to worry about where it is again!