When your business grows you need help to make it a Winner, but in real estate, you need to ensure that you are not hiring someone who is Disqualified. (s 43 (1) )

Disqualified means : Someone who:

  • Is not an undischarged bankrupt, 
  • Someone who has not had a conviction in the past 10 years,
  • Someone who was not involved in a failed company.

There are other criteria, but those are the main areas the OFT look at, that you are not employing someone you shouldn’t.

But, how are you going to protect yourself as a business owner , from hiring the wrong person?

You need to make Diligent Inquiry ( s43(2))

But what does that mean? It means that you have taken steps to make sure that you are hiring the right person.

 So what are those steps?

  1. Contact the references that they provided. It could be their Aunty Mrytle who thinks that they are such nice people.
  2. Check and sight the qualification. In these days of high quality printing and imaging, you need to ensure that you re looking at the real McCoy! If in doubt , ring the RTO and ask.
  3. Since staff need to be registered with OFT and if they operated under a company, ASIC are involved. You need to do a name check  with OFT and ASIC to see what comes up.
  4. This one is for the millennials out there. Do a Social Media name check- be it LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. There have been cases where people have posted something that they shouldn’t have been doing onto Social media, the police have got hold of a copy, and were able to use the post as evidence.
  5. Police check – Yes it may cost you are few dollars, but if that potential new employee has a police record, its better to know now before they start.
  6. This last one is to me Obvious- Ask them- In the application form leave space for the potential employee to tell you. Basically how many times have heard – Why didnt you tell me ?- replied with- No one asked.

When you employee staff there is also the need for it to be a good fit to the team you already have. So while you take all the right steps, don’t forget you are dealing with people and they all need to get along. But more about that next week!