Too many have got it wrong! Assistant agents are not exempt from CPD!

It is a condition of all assistant agent’s registration to complete at least three units of their certificate iv.

Everyone is aware that an assistant agent must graduate with a class two license within four years. Fair trading has worked out that, an assistant agents course is 5 units. If the assistant agents complete three units a year, by year four they will be ready to upgrade to a class 2 license.

Many agents have interpreted this to mean that the assistant agent has four years to complete the certificate iv and can do the study in the last year of the four-year cycle. Not Correct! It is a condition to do 3 units each year.

Recently, one of Leverage’s clients fell foul of this condition. Their assistant agents didn’t comply with the condition. Fair Trading’s response was to cancel the registration. The agents are now suspended until they complete the three units.

If you are one of those agents who haven’t completed the 3 units by 23 March 2021, you better get it done. Your job and business rely on the registration remaining in force. Having it recorded on the public register that you were suspended is not a good review.