Bob Dylan wrote a song with Peter, Paul and Mary and sang a song in the 1960’s “Where have all the Flowers gone?”. The final words of the chorus are “when will they ever learn, I think thou’ll never learn”.

This is the placed in the years of the Vietnamese war. The Vietnamese war was fought in the backdrop of the Korean War, the 2nd World War which was only fought 20 years after the end of the Great War, the war that was to end all wars.

It was hoped that the two world wars would teach us that there is more profit in peace then there is in war. Peter, Paul and Mary lamented that, although we talk about learning, we as a race never do.

We at Leverage probably express views that seem more applicable in a “hippy colony” than in a law firm. I’m probably just a modern-day hippy living in the Sydney commune! We believe that there is some guiding force, whether it be the universe, a higher spirit or even God. We can’t be certain which one it is, but too often things happen which are unexplained. In simple terms, we hold the philosophy that everything happens for a good reason.

COVID 19 shocked the shit out of a lot of us. It wasn’t a world war or an economic crisis that bought us to a standstill, it was something unseen. A little virus that appears to have crept somewhere out of China to infect people worldwide. That unseen prehistoric being, scared Governments worldwide to shut their borders, put economies into comas and create military rule. It wasn’t the army patrolling the streets that put us in our houses, it was a virus.

We at Leverage learnt so much about ourselves, our people and our business. We learnt to do things differently, we learnt to market better; we learnt to deliver new services; and most of all, we understood that the way we had done things before, wasn’t the way we had to do them again.

The universe was teaching us something. It was almost telling us that the way we have operated business and our social interaction was wrong. It separated friends and family and caused us to yearn for human contact. We even started to care about our fellow man. Crickey’s, we also gave up picking on Politicians. We found what was important was people, relationships and a good lifestyle.
Have we as a race learnt anything from COVID? Will we just fall back into the bad old ways and forget lessons of COVID? Watching people over the weekend, we seem not to have learnt anything.

We all can’t change the world, but we can make a difference in our own business eco system and in our own human environment.

Let us learn a little from COVID and maybe take at least one lesson into the future.