Many laws are surrounding covid restrictions and property management.

Three different regulations depend on where you live, whether regional Sydney, the prescribed areas, or Greater Sydney. Currently, everyone is in lockdown.

How property management is effected through these restrictions includes
1. Inspecting new places for lease,
2. Showing properties,
3. Maintenance repairs and
4. Cleaning between different tenants.

The act says that you can’t go away from home further than 5ks, UNLESS.

The “unless” is a game-changer as it also states that you should work from home unless you can not!

There are some physical things that we cannot alter in this industry.

Starting with listing a property, there is a requirement under schedule 2 of the stock and property regulation 2014 that you must physically inspect a property before you lease it. You shouldn’t have any problems checking properties as long as you enforce all the necessary covid precautions.

Moreover, showing the property is a challenge! More people are using online resources. However, there is an exemption for people who will view a house that they wish to live in. Therefore you can show it to one person at a time. If they are coming from an LGA area or Regional NSW, they must come with a permit!

Additionally, in regards to maintenance and repairs, routine inspections have been working well via video. Urgent maintenance repairs can be done. Renovations and repairs can occur!

People can not be there when these works are happening; the people must be segmented if they are there. Only two people per house while the renovation is happening is permitted, and there must be a Covid safety plan.

You can’t employ people for these jobs from the LGAS unless they are fully vaccinated or have received one jab and one test every three days!

Cleaning between tenants is provided an exemption as long as the tenant has left.

Ultimately, there is always an answer in the property industry, and there are sound alternatives for many actions.