Inspecting the Record

By Bailey Compton 8 Dec 2023

Everyone thinks they have the right to check the strata record, strata register and the records of any strata scheme. That’s correct, but it doesn’t extend to an order of a strata manager to send out any, all and every bit of information to a lot owner.

The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and the Community Land Management Act 2021 are clear in terms of what rights a lot owner has in relation to the strata scheme. A lot owner is only entitled to inspect the record, not to get the record. A lot owner can pay the Owners Corporation a fee to attend the office of the strata manager and view the record of the scheme. It does not entitle the lot owner to take away copies or to require the strata manager to provide a copy of anything on a strata register.

Any lot owner who thinks they can ring the strata manager to ask for a copy of anything -apart from their levies and ledgers associated with their levies, a strata manager is not obligated to provide a lot owner with anything. Moreover, if strata managers are burdened by having to provide information to every lot owner on request, the business of a strata scheme would grind to a halt.

In short:
1. A lot owner is entitled to inspect the strata register by the payment of a fee;
2. Inspection must occur at the office of a strata manager;
3. There is no requirement for the strata manager to provide any lot owner with copies;
4. The strata manager is not obligated to provide you with copies of anything by email.