Leverage Certified

Leverage Solicitors can help you.

Bailey Compton and his team have many years of legal experience and expertise in the field of real estate agency practice, property related transactions, and advisory matters.

Before establishing Leverage Solicitors, Bailey held a few roles in the 15 years he worked at the NSW Office of Fair Trading. His roles included the Real Estate Licensing Co-ordinator, Policy Maker, Fair Trading Investigator and was responsible for the creation and implementation of much of the legislation, policy and procedure that remains in force to this day.

Bailey has actively retained very close association with the regulatory agencies that impact on the real estate sector. He’s a key contributor to the forums and review committees that are determining the future scope and direction of the property industry.

Let Bailey and his team review and soft-audit the key areas of your agency practice – not only from a compliance perspective, but also in relation to leading edge business metrics.

Getting your office “Leverage Certified” is a significant step towards optimising the value of your business (or service offering) and ensuring your revenue generation is maximised and your compliance is systematically satisfied.

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What we do to get your agency Leverage Certified.

  • We benchmark your business processes and performance metrics to industry best practice? (includes Leverage’s Policy & Procedures manual)
  • We will provide expert assistance in responding to “show cause “notices and other demands/enquiries from Government agencies:
    1. The Office of Fair Trading;
    2. The Office of State Revenue;
    3. The Australian Taxation Office
    4. Local, state and federal government offices and agencies.
  • We will give your Agency a “clean bill of health” with our tick of approval.
  • We help to sell your real estate business by providing a valuation and compliance audit.
  • We help you buy real estate business by providing a valuation and Due Diligence Reports.
  • We help you to buy/sell a Rent Roll or Strata Roll