CPP51122 Diploma of Property (Agency Management) 


This qualification supplies the foundational knowledge and skills required to take an experienced licenced agent to the next level – a Licensee in Charge. Master aspects of business and people management that can unlock a new level of success. This Diploma course is available online or as a combination of workshops and online. 

Course Overview 

The course is structured in six competency clusters. Students explore business and financial management, effective people management, ethics and compliance, strategic marketing and work health and safety. The course allows for completion of an elective in the interest area of the student. Successful completion of the Diploma of Property (Agency Management) will enable you to apply for a Class 1 license (Licensee in Charge) from NSW Fair Trading.

Flexible learning options allow you to choose to enroll into the complete course and offer a range of payment options.

^NOTE: Leverage Group does not guarantee that NSW Fair Trading will grant a certificate or license. Applications for licensing are at the sole discretion of NSW Fair Trading. 

Course Outline

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You must have completed the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice or hold a real estate license. 

Course Structure 

To achieve your qualification, you are required to successfully complete 12 units of competency. The units of competency that you must obtain to be granted a Class 1 real estate agent’s licence are set out in the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002. The CPP51122 – Diploma of Property (Agency Management) course consists of 7 core units and 5 elective units, which are required by Fair Trading NSW for you to obtain a Class 1 real estate agent’s licence. 

Units of Competency 

Study Options 

Leverage Academy offers this course by blended learning consisting of distance education and face to face tutorial workshops (live virtual classroom). Participants are assessed through a combination of written assessments, case studies and other practical assessments. Tutorial assistance and guidance is provided by qualified trainers and assessors. 

Recognition of Prior Learning 

Leverage Academy offers Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL). RPL requires students to undertake a series of assessments for a qualification or units of competency. These are aligned to an individual’s previous learning and are deemed equivalent to the learning outcomes of the components of the qualification or unit(s) of competency, being obtained through this process. RPL is a complex and rigorous assessment method. Leverage Academy recommends this assessment method be investigated as an option for individuals who are currently working in the real estate industry or hold current qualifications or units of competency relating to the real estate industry. Leverage Academy requires individuals who are producing evidence for this assessment method, to provide current evidence. 

Course fees 

The cost for the CPP51122 Diploma of Property (Agency Management) including online ZOOM Workshops is $3,600.
For the complete disclosure of the course, enrolment details, incidental costs, refund policy and critical student information please refer to the Learner Handbook which can be found at the following link here.

Assessment help 

Leverage Academy offers academic support services to their students. Any support services beyond our scope of assistance will be referred to an external service provider. Further details regarding support services can be found in the Leverage Academy Learner Handbook. 

Career Progression 

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded the CPP51122 Diploma of Property Agency Management) qualification. This qualification is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework. Participants who do not complete the course in its entirety will receive a Statement of Attainment for each Unit of Competency completed successfully.

As per the Property and Stock Agents (Qualifications) Order 2019 under the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002, to apply with Fair Trading NSW for a Class 1 real estate agent’s licence without restriction condition you need meet the following requirements:

Pathway 3—holders of class 2 licence without restriction condition The person has—

a) held a class 2 real estate agent’s licence without a restriction condition for at least 2 years, and

b) satisfactorily completed the class 1 work experience requirements during a 2 year period, and

c) been issued with a relevant diploma from a registered training organisation (Includes this qualification)

* In NSW it is a requirement to have held a Class 2 Licence or Real Estate Licence for 24 Months before being able to apply for a Class 1. 

Unique Student Identifier (USI) 

All learners will be required to supply Leverage Academy with a Unique Student Identifier (USI) that can be verified before receiving a certificate or statement of attainment. You may apply for a USI by following the link here. For more information please consult the Learner Handbook. 

Learner Handbook 

The Learner Handbook provides important information that helps facilitate a smooth learning experience. It delves into essential aspects of your enrolment, training and assessment processes and information about payments, refunds, course changes, privacy and more. It is vital that all students read the Learner Handbook  prior to course enrolment and fully understand their rights and responsibilities.