Politicians are like the manipulative child: “Granny I love you,” knowing that money will follow.

The populace polly will promise something if they can get a vote. Kiss babies, give money or come up with an idea that they think everyone loves. To do this, they must rely on short term memories of the electorate. Guess what, they are usually right because we do forget far to quickly.

Michael Daley, the could have been potential premier, was either doing this or he’s suffering from a dose of CRAFT. You know that disease when you can’t remember anything..?

The Labor Party, has outlined its policy to remove real estate from Fair Trading. It may be a good idea if Government mia maintains control. It is however, political hypocrisy, the Labor Government that Mick was a member of, put it into Fair Trading.

In 1995, Fair trading didn’t exist. Real estate was regulated by the Office of Real Estate Services [ORES]. ORES was a highly effective agency.

Labor determined to create Fair Trading, amalgamating Consumer Affairs, ORES, Building Services Corporations and others under the one banner. The then Commissioner suggested that each of the units remain independent and Fair Trading become an overarching administrative body. He was sacked for this suggestion.

So Labor abolished ORES, created Fair Trading, and now attack the Government over its own invention.

Mick you were the Treasurer, it was your party that created Fair Trading, and now you wish to ride on the coattails of the REI’S criticism of the now government. Why not admit that  your party got it wrong and now you are going to rectify your error?

Quite rightly, polly’s treat us like mushrooms. Where is the press to remind us. So much for investigative journalism.

Michael has CRAFT and we have caught the cold.

This article was written by Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor & Director at Leverage Group.

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