This week I have heard more bleating from builders regarding private certifiers.  You may not believe it…. the builders are upset that the private certifiers are applying the law.  In other words, private certifiers are not giving occupation certificates until the building in compliant.

Since 1997 building standards in New South Wales have disintegrated.  The implantation of private certification has led to a building industry that is providing complexes like Opal Towers and Mascot Towers.  Why was this the case?  Private certification businesses grew from relationships from developers.  To build that business, the certifier had to be amenable to the wants of the developer.  

After a private certifier was deregistered, the private certification business is now doing what it was designed to do.  It is now a proper check and balance on the building industry to ensure that apartments do comply with the building code of Australia. 

Maybe out of something catastrophic something good has emerged.  We now can purchase off the plan properties with confidence that a watch dog does exist.  This will resolve litigation costs of owners’ corporations and will minimise conflict with builders.   It can only be good for the marketplace when confidence is enhanced, and conflict is reduced.

Even though our generation has missed out on good buildings, our kids will get to live in buildings that are safe and secure.