Queen-Pauline-of-House-Hanson copy

A Stunning Rise

From fish and chips to the power of One Nation. Pauline Hanson may soon become the most powerful person in Australia. Our burqa banning, climate change denying, Asian hating redhead is back with a vengeance, and possibly more influence than ever before.

With a hung parliament, politics and deal-doing is the fashion for the future. Whether it be Bill or Malcolm who resides at the lodge, each of them may have to do a deal with Pauline to get anything done.

The cross benchers both in the House of Representatives and Senate, will determine whether legislation passes. Most will form an alliance with the government of the day to get what they want. The way the chips are falling, Pauline, who won’t have an alliance with anyone, may be the soul person needed to pass new laws.

What sort of trade-offs do you think Bill and Malcolm may need to do to get Pauline’s vote? Let’s think:

  • What would you need to give her for gay marriage? Maybe, submarines off Cape York to keep the foreigners out of our Great Northern Country, Queensland.
  • For changes to superannuation, we could trade her ‘zero net migration‘ to ensure we have to pay no more pensions.
  • To enable voluntary euthanasia – her much enthused Royal Commission into whether Islam is, in fact, a religion.
  • To recognise Climate Change and requisite policy, the abolishment of the ‘corrupt’ Family Court.

One thing is to be sure – she will not be enjoying any Halal Snack Packs anytime soon. This parliament could be fun: Derryn Hinch outing criminals, Pauline Hanson outing foreigners, and Bill Shorten outing every politician. Interesting enough, Australia has already had a gay Prime Minister who has been married. Married to a woman maybe, but married.

It’s an interesting time for politicians, without a resolution. After this election, the mantra for Australia will be: If you go to bed with the problem on your mind, you will wake up with a solution in hand.