Elective and Business Short – Course Library


We have a range of short 1hr courses you can utilise as your elective/business units:
  • Gives you the flexibility to choose topics that interest you
  • You get access to all of our short course library!!!
1. PURCHASE our short course access
2. You will receive a link to our on demand library full of electives and business topics to watch. You can choose any topic that relates to your career, these are to be watched in your own time. You must watch THREE of each category.
  • Class 1 Agents will receive a link to Elective & Business topics.
  • Class 2 Agents will receive a link to Elective topics.
3. Once you have viewed the required elective / business topics of your choice, you need to sign a declaration that you watched these topics as proof that you have completed all CPD requirements.