If you do not renew your licence, you ban yourself from working in the industry!

There appears to be much confusion in the industry regarding renewal dates. Let’s blow the Myths:

1 Fair Trading will send me a reminder;
2 My renewal date is 23 March like everyone else;
3 I only need a corporate licence and therefore I can let my licence lapse; and
4 I have a grace period under the contract if I am late.

All are wrong! Ironically, I have heard these excuses from agents across the state. They are myths.

Fair trading considers it is your responsibility to renew your licence. They may or may not remind you. If it lapses, you are unlicensed. You have 90 days to restore your licence, but for that time, you are unlicenced and all agency agreements cannot be enforced.

Your corporation is invalidated if you were the licensee in charge and your licence lapsed.

You need to diaries when your licence is due and when the corporation is due. We suggest that it is a part of proper supervision for the licensee to maintain a licence and certificate renewal register.

We have been contacted by many who have sought our services to restore their licence and save their business. Interesting for us is that all these people didn’t do CPD with leverage. It is our goal to inform and ensure you are a success.