On 18 December 2020, the Short-Term Letting Code of Conduct will be introduced regulating those who let and stay in holiday accommodation. It is a highly complexed and repetitive piece of legislation commenced in time for Christmas.

Fair Trading are continuing their trend of timely reform. The code regulates a number of entities referred to as “Industry Participants”. These participants include booking platforms, real estate agents, hosts, guests and property owners.

In short, the code provides:

  • People staying in accommodation must act appropriately, with integrity, not cause a nuisance to neighbours, and not unduly interfere with the quiet enjoyment of others.
  • Where a party house has breached the code, any person can file a complaint about the guest, the property or the group of properties.
  • The Commissioner of Fair Trading may appoint an Arbitrator to investigate and rule on whether a breech has been committed.
  • Where a breach has been committed, fines can be issued to the booking platform, the accommodation broker, the owner or the guest.
  • If a property or a person is found to be in breach of the code twice, that person or property may be banned for five years.
  • Platforms, accommodation brokers, agents and owners are in breach if the property or person participates in the industry in contravention of the ban.

These laws are an early Christmas present for owners and operators. There are
things you will need to put in place to protect the owner and the property from penalty. It is a dobber’s mandate and therefore protection is necessary.

Leverage is running a special CPD on the new code of conduct on 10 December 2020. We will unpack the code with Peter Smith, one of Australia’s leaders in short term letting. His insights will assist all agents involved in holiday accommodation.

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By the way, it counts towards your CPD  hours. Hoping to see you there.