Last week we spoke about employing the Right Person and what steps to take to ensure you weren’t employing someone you shouldn’t.- this week we are talking about that right person fitting the Team. 

Any new member can disturb the current team dynamics- everyone was getting along and now there is someone new to accommodate. Will this person fit in ? Do they play well with others?

Bruce Tuckman (1965) proposed the four-stage model called Tuckman’s Stages for a group. Tuckman’s model states that the ideal group decision-making process should occur in four stages: 

  • Forming (pretending to get on or get along with others)
  • Storming (letting down the politeness barrier and trying to get down to the issues even if tempers flare up)
  • Norming (getting used to each other and developing trust and productivity)
  • Performing (working in a group to a common goal on a highly efficient and cooperative basis)

As the business owner, it is exceptionally important to know what is happening in your Team. Is everyone getting along or are they trying to score points off each other rather than work towards a common goal? Are they turning on each other rather than turning on the charm to clients? 

This is all part of the Proper Supervision of your staff. What is happening in your Team? 

Not only do you have the stages of the Team but you also have different characteristics of each Team Member within the Team. Do any of these sound familiar? 

Leader– each team needs a leader that sets the goals, they are a motivator and people look to this person for guidance. They look at the big picture

Administrator – they take these goals and make them a reality- they are the ones organising the finer details.

Glue Pot– these are the people within the group that can, at times, hold the team together. They are a natural communicator and at times can be viewed as the Parental figure that people turn to. They are the problem solvers.

Show Pony– these are the team members that put on a show for the clients and everyone loves them. They can be very customer focused sometimes to the detriment of other team members. But they are very good at selling and have a wonderful relationship with the clients. 

Work Horse– these are the quiet achievers of the group that may not get the accolades they deserve. As Bailey Compton once said- “ The backroom people are vital- imagine a stage without the lighting crew!” It hard to operate in the dark. 

Protagonist- This is the team member that throws in the ..But Why? They ask questions and don’t blindly follow. This role is important as it makes the team stop and think. This is different to the team members being negative or nasty- they challenge the status quo which can bring improvement and growth.

In real estate, we are constantly dealing with different personalities, and we need to harness the good aspects of a team. The result, despite the differences, can be a fantastic synergy that will drive your agency forward.