When catastrophe comes, most people cry! The crisis becomes a dark spot in which to live a nightmare. It can also provide opportunity.

At Leverage we set a conviction that Coronavirus would be seen as an opportunity and not a crisis. We would find a way to adapt during the crisis, moreover, create new strategies that will remain in the future.

Strata Managers have no reason to cry; Strata Managers are in the perfect position to have a business continuity because all fees are controlled by the strata manager. In other words, there will be no curtailing of income to a strata manager.

One of the greatest difficulties for a strata manager is the annual general meeting. It has been a festival for dispute and anger.

For years Leverage has stated that, debate is a privilege which only causes dissension. An annual general meeting is for the passing on of information and the voting of resolution.

In 2016, the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 introduced the concept of postal and electronic voting. Strata Managers have generally neglected to take advantage of this process.

Electoral voting and postal votes provide mechanisms for those who are aged or disabled or live out of the area to vote as if they were living in the premises. Those who live there should have no priority over those who invest there and in the age of access and equity, those who are disabled or aged, should not be prohibited from having a vote. Moreover, an intelligent person should not be placed in a position where they have to have faith in another to vote the way they want (proxy votes).

Corona provides us with an opportunity to engage in postal and electoral votes. The creation of by-laws which allows from electoral voting in the future is not just a Corona based strategy, but one that can be used for the future.

We have the opportunity to become for efficient and more effective. More importantly, the strata managers have the power to enhance equity and access.