Strata Law

Understanding of people is the genesis
Community living throughout NSW has for sometime been the fastest growing industry throughout the state. There is in excess of 68,000 Strata corporations across NSW. Unfortunately, it has now become one of the most complex and litigious realms of law.

The government has an expectation that by throwing everyone together and devising a set of rules, everyone will live together as a happy family. Unfortunately, this has not occurred. It is also unreasonable to expect people who are from all different backgrounds to suddenly get along just because of a set of rules.

Leverage has a completely different means of approaching problems within a Owners Corporation. Leverage understands that a strata scheme or a community association is not a building, but a place where people live or conduct their business. It is their home and therefore they have a right to voice their opinion.

Leverage’s approach is not only to provide accurate advice, and feverishly look after the affairs of the Owners Corporation, but also to deal with disputes in a manner which places the Owners Corporation in a better position than before the fight began. Leverage has a record of settling disputes, altering the conduct of the Owners Corporation and finding a way to ensure that the Owners Corporation is better off for the experience.

Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor is a licensed strata manager. He has regulated strata management whilst working at the Office of Fair Trading, and has been one of the leading trainers in strata management for the past 10 years. Bruce Horton, Leverage’s Senior counsel, is also a licensed strata manager and has trained strata managers for almost a decade.

Unlike any other law firm, Leverage has the legal skills, the understanding of strata managing practices and the ability to communicate on a level that other solicitors cannot.

The Leverage offering in Strata Law includes:

  • Strata title and community title advice under the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996, Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act 1973 and Community Titles Legislation.
  • General property advice – individual lots and common property.
  • Owners corporations’ responsibility for maintenance, repairs and replacement to the common property.
  • Advice on contracts including building and construction contracts and agreements.
  • Home Building Act 1966 / implied warranty problems and building defect claims.
  • Claims arising out of building works and encroachments to neighbouring land/property causing loss and damage.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution, including mediation and arbitration.
  • Advising, pursuing or defending claims on behalf of owners corporations against builders, developers and others in the Consumer, Trader & Tenancy
  • Tribunal and in all other courts as required.
  • Advising on meeting requirements, notices, procedures, quorums, motions, resolutions and disputes.
  • Commercial / residential leasing.
  • Insolvency / winding -up.
  • Development of strata schemes and community schemes.
  • Building management agreements and committees.
  • Strata subdivisions and dealing with common property – including acquisition and leasing.
  • By-laws – drafting and advising on procedural requirements and enforcement.
  • Council consents & tree issues.
  • Problems relating to the collection of levies.
  • Company Title Schemes and Strata Title conversions.
  • Problems involving strata lot (apartment) owners.
  • When your matter requires additional expert advice –

Leverage Solicitors has a network of expert strata, property, building and construction professionals, including valuers, architects, chartered surveyors, quantity surveyors, structural engineers and specialist counsel, whose involvement in resolving disputes is often essential.

If you are seeking Solid, Professional advice with any kind of Legal matter, Leverage Solicitors Legal team of Accredited Lawyers can help.