Things you need to do to implement the Supervision Guidelines‼️

The Supervision Guidelines is not new to the industry, all licensees in charge should already have policies and procedures implemented for proper supervision of the business.

However, on 23 March 2020, the Supervision Guidelines were updated as a part of the industry reforms package.

This new version is much more comprehensive. It is important to adhere to the newer version because you will not be compliant based on the old version.

The existing policies and procedures may be sufficient, but there will be new additions you will need to to comply with.

NSW Fair Trading has given all licensees a deadline of until 1 April 2021 to comply with the new updates.

If NSW Fair Trading knocks at your agency door before this deadline, you must be able to demonstrate that you have been taking measures to implement the new guidelines.

It is not a wise decision to leave it to the last minute.

If you have any questions contact our head solicitor and CEO @bailey_compton for advise.