The Anastasia Syndrome

The COVID 19 era has definitely created confusion.  We are the only nation in the world where States can close their borders, shutting out their fellow brother States.  

Over the last 6 months we have seen Australia turn into 9 distinct Governments.  Premier Daniel Boon from Victoria told the Prime Minister during the first wave that he needed to remember the States were in control of health and education.  He needed to stop interring with State affairs.  We know how right the Victorian Premier was in relation to the management of COVID 19.

In true spirit of State of Origin, Queensland have outlawed the Cockroaches for moving north over the Tweed River.  Western Australia ceased from the Commonwealth in 1930, won’t let anyone in Australia cross into their borders.  

Then, this week, we have this announcement that we are going to have National Licences.  The national cabinet is going to consider national licensing for builders, estate agents, health professionals etc.  Good idea! What chance to we have of achieving any form of national agreement on licencing when they cannot even agree on how to regulate COVID 19.

The Anastasia syndrome is one where national interests are inferior to local trends. This syndrome will not allow any State agreement and will never eventuate in any form of cooperation.  The national cabinet has created the Anastasia syndrome and for the future the national interest will be in advertisement and not a reality.