Why have a Strata Manager if you can do it yourself? Why appoint a Strata Manager if they make you do it properly? Further, why appoint a Strata Manager when they deprive you of advantage?

This may be a little tongue in cheek, but it is what was going through the mind of this entrepreneurial developer.

The developer determined that he would manage the scheme after the initial period. Although he only held 40% of the vote, he relied on the apathy of the owner’s not to get organised and appointed him and his family as the Strata Committee.

Why would he do that you ask? To profit!

Since the inception of the scheme, the developer has not paid any levies. He has appointed his building company to do the maintenance and repairs and paid the strata committee for their work [his family]. Now, we find he has been issuing levy notices to lot owners requiring payment into his personal account.

How is he holding control? Easy, the strata register shows the other 12 as un-financial. We think he may be $110,000 in arrears, but the arrears allocated to other lot owners.

A clever scheme. If you want an argument for appointing a Strata Manager, here is one. Independents and licensing bring diligence, expertise and a fear of theft. Your manager is the protector. Be careful of persons with an interest managing your scheme