We have now reached the one hundred and seventh day of the year.  How quick have we reached the first pit stop! I blinked after Christmas, and Easter is here.

Once upon a time, Easter was on the calendar as a holy festival for Christians.  These days, its just a pit stop from the hustle and bustle of Australian business life.  And what a pit stop!  It starts on 19 April and ends on 28 April.  Running on the back of Easter, we have Anzac Day and another weekend.  Leverage’s commitment to family has meant that we have determined to shut our office down on 26 April, so our staff can have two long weekends and to celebrate Easter and Anzac Day.

Easter seems to represent two completely different perspectives; on one hand, it’s just a holiday for most, but for others, it represents a solemn and important day on the Christian calendar.  This is so reflective of modern society.

The week leading up to Christmas on the sporting news, we had two individuals which stand out over all others; First we have had a person who has appealed to the Federal Court regarding being stood down with full pay while his criminal proceedings occur.  Secondly, we have a man who has committed no act of violence against any person but has made an inappropriate post which has insulted certain parts of our society.

For the sports, it is the issue of brand.  There is no conversations of values or standards which should be set by those people who are in those organisations, but whether the conduct itself affects the brand.  Both the possible criminal and the insulter have been deemed to affect the business brand of their various codes and have been stood down.  As an employer, if a person in our business did something to affect our brand, we would have no hesitation dismissing them.

Two things have stood out during this debate;

  1. Talk back radio has been filled with conversations regarding both the activities.  Most of them, however, have been regarding the post by the greatest try scorer in super rugby history.  No-one has gone to his defence, believing his career should be wiped out for life.  On the other hand, notwithstanding the gravity of the offence, society is split regarding whether the rugby league player should be stopped whilst being heard in the Court.  Somebody said to me the other day, “the world has gone mad where the person who harms is defended and the person who comments inappropriately is vilified!”
  2. Although Easter and Christmas are holidays to celebrate Christian festivals, most take it as a holiday.  I note there is no discussion regarding the relevance of these holidays in Australian society whilst we wish to rid ourselves of Australia Day.  If we are secular and the Christian calendar is no longer relevant, should Christmas and Easter therefore be a public holiday?  Public holidays are meant to celebrate a purpose which is important to society; if it is no longer important, it should be treated as a normal day and the holiday be dispensed.  Interestingly enough, I see no requests by any other religion or any of the doom day???  Regarding Christianity about getting rid of the holidays; any excuse for a holiday!

Easter Sunday is supposed to represent a resurrection.  Forgiveness of our sins and a pathway for renewal.

Let’s hope for all of us Sunday brings a renewal and positivity to life.  Let’s hope that the business, health and family Gods smile on all of us on Easter Sunday and we are all revitalised.

From us here at Leverage, we hope that everyone is revitalised, and you have an excellent and safe Easter.

This article was written by Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor & Director at Leverage Group.

To get in touch with Bailey, please email info@leveragegroup.com.au or call 1300 438 538