You all have been touched by those humans who troll the streets putting little bits of yellow paper under our windscreen wipers, which require us to pay money to the State. We call them “brown bombers”! They would have to be the only people who go home every day knowing that all their clients hate them!

A new group has emerged, the “Green bombers”. Fair Trading inspectors who prey on agents, issuing them with fines which cost money. Why “green bombers”? Well, they create the green tape and hurt the folding green stuff.

I have spoken to trusted sources who have indicated that the 65 strong inspectorates are out on the streets issuing PIN notices to agents and their boss. In one case, an agent was fined $2200 for under quoting, and the licensee in charge $2200 for failing to properly supervise under Section 32 of the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002.

The new reforms have given extensive powers to both punish the perpetrator and their boss. If you have no systems in place, the licensee in charge will be served with the same fine. I have been reliably advised that if the boss has a policy manual, conducting random checks and is genuinely overseeing their team, the boss won’t be fined.

It is common for everyone to make errors, but let’s not double up by failing to have the requisite systems in place.