We’re all told that we’re a nation of fatties, and that there is an obesity crisis across the nation, draining the coffers of the government.

Hands up! I put my hand up and acknowledge that I am one of those fatties. I am overweight due to the stress which is imposed by government regulations on myself and my clients. I don’t need drugs, but I need food to soothe my pangs! Unfortunately, asparagus, tofu and copious amounts of chicken do not do it for me! It’s sugar which makes my stress manageable.

There is a degree of hypocrisy which confuses me. The politicians are saying we need to get fitter and we need to do things to make ourselves less obese. They are now considering an obesity tax. Don’t laugh, in England you don’t get covered by the national health system if you are obese when you go into a hospital. This is an actual possibility. I don’t necessarily disagree that things need to be done to make us a little bit skinnier. What I want to see is the politicians themselves getting fit. In fact, the halls of Parliament are filled with real fatties. If we all need to get skinny – then so do they.

At the next election, let’s vote only for pollies who are skinny. Those fatties who want to tax us for being fat – let’s vote them out!

If you are a politician wanting us to get skinny, we want to see you at the gym, at Overeaters Anonymous or walking the hills of Canberra, just like Kim Beazley did before he had a tilt at The Lodge. Get skinny or lay off, you pollies!

This article was written by Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor & Director at Leverage Group.

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