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We have listened to several commentators, and people within the industry provide advice and thoughts on the latest Sydney lock down restrictions. Unfortunately, most of this guidance is incorrect.

Here is the only piece that you have to read surrounding the further restrictions imposed on Sydney siders.

First and foremost, we will begin with the workplace. The Covid order states that no employer can force a person to go to work unless it’s impractical for them to do the job at home. It is not unlawful for a person to go to work! Moreover, if you are at work you have to wear a mask, if you have your own office, you don’t have to wear a mask until someone enters your office. In shared and open spaces, masks must be worn. Furthermore, you are not to meet clients at your office.

We have been asked a common question: “Are we able to show people property?” Within the Act, it is apparent that you can do anything with a reasonable excuse. Traveling from your home or work to inspect a potential client’s home is recognised as lawful. Additionally, there are special exemptions for people looking at houses. It is quite legal for a person to inspect a property to relocate their residence, either for buying or leasing. This can be anywhere in NSW, unless you are from the larger hot spots areas; Farfield, Liverpool and Canterbury. You are NOT allowed to travel for this reason.

What happens if they do come and inspect the property? You must conduct your business in a Covid safe manner. Everyone must be masked, there must be sanitiser, and everyone must check-in. A weird rule enforced is that you can only show one person through the house at a time. Even partners that live together can not see the house together. You must complete your walk through with each visitor separately!

Moving on to auctions, they are a strange anomaly! Looking at the order, it seems they are entirely outlawed; however, that is not true. Only Auction houses have been outlawed; however, live auctions on-premises, with a maximum of 5 people present, are entirely legal!

Furthermore, construction has received a lot of coverage over this past week! Most of the coverage does not cover property management correctly. The order states that construction does not include building works where people reside; any works within a residential setting can continue!

The Property Industry has been only slightly affected by these increased restrictions and by the lock down in general. If you feel heavily impacted, now is a great time to reflect on the career you have built for yourself and ponder what you can do to make it better!

Good luck to all during this time.

Tuesday 20th of July: Agents can conduct cleaning and repairs for premises between tenants.