Some of us will do anything to list a property! When this agent does their memoirs, this listing will be written.

In a small country town, competitors aren’t far away. More importantly, our competitors will usually know our client’s as well as we do.

This agent is the new boy in town! Like the Eagles song says, “everyone loves him”.

The new Vendor lives next door to the competitor’s parents. The Vendor does not want the competitor to know that he is dealing with the new boy in town. The Vendor determines that he is going to covertly smuggle the agent in.

The Agent and the Vendor meet in an undisclosed spot, somewhere in the bush. The Agent climbed into the boot of the Vendor and was ferried into the premises by the Vendor. The Agent was released from the boot whilst in the garage of the Vendor.

I understand the listing presentation was amusing to say the least. The Vendors snuck around the house whispering to the Agent. Paranoia had definitely crept in because they did not want to be found out.

When the listing presentation was completed, the Agent reclaimed his boot and was driven back to the path where he was allowed to get back into his car.

This is the ultimate boot sale in real estate. This is the only time I have heard of somebody being smuggled in a boot. Was it worthwhile?

It was worth it, he did get the listing!