With the ability to work remotely, people have opted for a Tree Change and have decided to go and live on the land and tele-commute to work. This means that, many have bought properties in a legal environment that is foreign to them.

Buying property in the country is exciting, but it comes with some pitfalls:

1              Property in the country is not always built properly. The farmer puts it often where he/she wants, with little regard for the consequences. We have however had clients who have lost land because they relied on the eye and not a survey. You should always ask your conveyancer to get you a survey to make certain what you are buying.

2              Many farms have independent sewer outlets. If you are buying a property you need to ensure that the septic or enviro cycle has a licence from the council. We need the right to pooh!!

3              If you have a water way, you might have a water access licence on the property. These are registered on title. The WAL, as they are known, entitle the farmer to use the water or to construct in the water way. This may be important to your use of the water to farm, drink or wash.

These items are easily fixed. Just raise them with your legal representative.