I respect the Amish! Amish people believe that we should all live the way we started. They are environmentalists, but unlike the actual environmentalists, they live by it.

The Amish have taken themselves right back to the middle ages. They don’t use electricity or telephones. They cook on fires and use lanterns for lights. They truly live off the land and live in an environmentally clean state. I can’t say so much for the greenies.

There is a push to electric cars, and anyone who seems to disagree with electric cars is seen as being in climate denial.  The greenies also tell us about the bad use of coal power stations. But they do this on the Internet, which in itself creates its own electronic footprint.

If you are truly a Kermit, should you not be living like the Amish? All the people I know as Greenies drive cars, use electricity, use the internet, fly on airplanes on holidays and eat beef. Their personal green footprint is black. They pollute by the car, they pollute through the electricity, and they eat cows whose farts cause most of the greenhouse gases.

Everyone who is green should walk or ride a bicycle, live in a house with no electricity and not use any computers. God forbid, don’t get in an airplane. Get on a boat and paddle across the ocean.

I’m like everyone. I want clean air, clean water and clean land. Unfortunately, we can’t go back and we can only go forward. I’m only confused that those who profess to be green use devices and instruments of pollution.

Kermit and other frogs were green, but I really doubt whether there are true greenies apart from the Amish.

This article was written by Bailey Compton, Principal Solicitor & Director at Leverage Group.

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