Running a business is a marathon!  Those who think it’s a sprint, usually fall by the wayside!  The principles of endurance, resilience, persistence, preparation and strategy all apply both to a marathon and to business.

I have never been a long-distance runner.  In fact, when approached by a specialist to train me to run a marathon, I think my response was “not in this lifetime”.  I have however in business been here for two decades and understand the principles of a marathon.

One of the primary principles of a marathon is that, you want to be in front after the hill.  Good marathon runners want to be at the front of the pack as they reach the peak of the hill, so that when running down the other side, they gain a gap on those still struggling up the hill.

Business isn’t much different!  It is the business that is in front at the peak of the hill and who is running when times get easier that usually get ahead of their competitors.  In sport, we often refer to it as being “up and about”.   If you want to be successful at business, you need to be up and about.

We were sent into a business hibernation about two months ago.  Those who fell asleep, will wake up and their competitors will be gone.  It is a bit like the hare and the tortoise, the hare decided to have a sleep and the tortoise just rolled on past.

It is those businesses that are often running when COVID is over that will thrive.  We are still in the clutches of COVID, and if you are asleep, brush the sleep out of your eyes and get on with it.  If you are waiting for it to be over, once the sleep is gone, your competitors may have obtained an advantage.

The other side also applies.  If businesses can get ahead of the curve and gain an advantage on their competitors, you will have an advantage over your competitors.

If you think that we will go back to where we were, you are in for a shock.  COVID has changed business forever.  It is time to have a look at your business, re-develop it and get up and running and be well ahead of the pack.  Those that are ahead of the pack, will be up and about and running down the hill whilst the others still struggle.