For decades we have been able to assume that each house we sell has a sewerage diagram! It does not happen like this anymore!

Many places are not connected to state-controlled mechanisms; as such, they won’t have a sewerage connection. They would be running off an enviro-cycle or some other form of ecosystem. A lot of properties are on a septic platform where they get pumped out on regular occasions.

You don’t have to have a sewerage diagram within a contract; however, anyone selling a property with no sewer must be aware of the situation surrounding your sewage.

The laws are clear; if you are not connected to the state sewerage utility system, you will be required to have a licence from the local council. You will need a certificate from a plumber to say it’s working correctly, then apply for the permit!

A reputable solicitor or licensed conveyancer will put a clause in the contract saying all transfers are subject to obtaining a licence.

This whole process tends to take around four weeks.

If you have no sewer diagram and there is no licence available, you need to get your vendor up and running as soon as contracts exchange to get this licence.

Failing to do this puts you vulnerable to your contract being terminated and missing out on your commission, Turning into a pretty shitty situation!